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Akamai’s state of the internet: the world grows as the U.S. falls behind – October 16, 2013

In looking at the way that the internet is performing across the world in 2013, it’s very clear that many countries are hitting their stride and growing in terms of their adoption of broadband. However, that growth comes at a cost: the progression of the internet is signaling the beginning of the end of United States’ place in the top tiers of performance, according to Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report for the second quarter of 2013.






Raleigh, N.C.: Driving Economic Growth through Technology – September 25, 2013

For cities, counties and states across the country, today’s budgets leave little room to do much beyond deliver the most basic citizen services. However, despite a tough economic environment, it is more important than ever that our state and local governments invest in technology as it is the very thing that will drive economic growth.


Google Fiber Challenge: What Apps Can You Build for Gigabit Internet? – September 21, 2013

Google Fiber will co-host a three-day conference in November that will bring together developers who want to create new applications that will be able to blossom on evolving high-speed, Gigabit Internet infrastructures such as Google Fiber.
The conference, the Gigabit Explorer Challenge, will run from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3 in Kansas City, where Google Fiber was first proposed and launched back in the fall of 2012. –

Want gigabit fiber home Internet? Move to one of these cities – September 26, 2013

Google Fiber has made gigabit Internet speeds seem tantalizingly within reach of so many Americans… unfortunately, it’s just not available to most of us.
But Internet service providers in various cities are promising gigabit fiber to the home with increasing frequency. Just this week, regional mobile ISP C Spire announced a competition to select a Mississippi community for gigabit service. Last week, an ISP in Chattanooga, Tennessee dropped its gigabit prices to $70 a month.

NCNGN Recognized by NATOA as 2013 Community Broadband Project of the Year – September 6, 2013

The North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) network has been awarded the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) 2013 Community Broadband Project of the Year. The honor is awarded annually to innovative projects that “champion local interests and needs in broadband and technology.”

“On behalf of the 6 municipalities and 4 universities involved in this effort, we are honored by this recognition from NATOA,” said Bill Stice, Vice-Chair of the NCNGN Steering Committee and Technology Services Director for the Town of Cary. “Our communities have a long tradition of collaborating across jurisdictional boundaries to serve the greater good, and I believe that cooperative spirit will help us address obstacles that we may face as our process continues and we try to improve the broadband services available to our citizens.”

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Responses for Next Generation Network surprise, please Triangle backers (WRAL Techwire) – April 5, 2013

Article on submissions to RFP that were due April 1. “The review of responses has just begun, but the backers seeking to create a Google Fiber-like high-speed network across the Triangle and parts of the Triad are certainly pleased with what they have seen so far.”


Group considering proposals for ultra high-speed internet (The Herald Sun) – April 3, 2013

News story on the proposal submissions to NCNGN due April 1. “A group of Triangle communities and universities that want to see a private company build out ultra-high speed Internet infrastructure here has received responses from eight potential providers of the technology.”


Raleigh mayor touts transit in annual State of the City speech (N&O) – March 4, 2013

News and Observer article on Mayor McFarlane’s state of the city speech. Faster Internet: McFarlane mentioned Raleigh’s participation in an alliance of North Carolina governments and universities that aims to build an ultra-fast Internet network 10 to 100 times the speed of typical service.”