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In the connected home, do you want your apps from scratch or pre-prepared? (Gigaom) – August 21, 2013

“As the internet of things matures, it’s forcing consumers to think about how they want to build their connected home of the future. And frankly, this is a good thing. On Wednesday, SmartThings, the company that makes a hub that speaks multiple radio protocols, is opening an online store where customers can shop, not just for a mess of sensors and the SmartThings hub, but for packages that solve a specific problem.”


Machine-to-Machine. What Does It Mean for Broadband (blogtalktadio) – August 7, 2013

” “The silent market” is a phrase some might use to describe machine-to-machine (M2M), which is the group of technologies that enables sensors, meters and a whole range of inanimate objects to communicate with each other. While broadband project teams typically look to economic development, education and medical services applications to justify the cost of building networks, they may be overlooking M2M as one of the killer broadband apps.”