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Group considering proposals for ultra high-speed internet (The Herald Sun) – April 3, 2013

News story on the proposal submissions to NCNGN due April 1. “A group of Triangle communities and universities that want to see a private company build out ultra-high speed Internet infrastructure here has received responses from eight potential providers of the technology.”


Raleigh mayor touts transit in annual State of the City speech (N&O) – March 4, 2013

News and Observer article on Mayor McFarlane’s state of the city speech. Faster Internet: McFarlane mentioned Raleigh’s participation in an alliance of North Carolina governments and universities that aims to build an ultra-fast Internet network 10 to 100 times the speed of typical service.”


Gig.U tries to bring more bandwidth to 7-county metro area (News & Observer) – Feb. 24, 2013

News and Observer ran a feature article. “In two years, citizens of the Triangle’s seven-county metro area might be able to download a movie faster, pitch telecommuting from home to their bosses or start a new business. The reason? The Raleigh-Durham area could have new ultra-high-speed bandwidth capabilities.”


North Carolina’s Need for Speed (TheRTPblog) – Feb. 13, 2013

Erin Monda posted a great message in her blog for RTP about NCNGN. “We’re Switzerland. It’s a designation that came about from our very nature; RTP came out of a joint collaboration between universities, government and industry.

In most cases, we strive to honor our foundation by being neutral in nearly all matters of a political flavor.

But sometimes there are matters that we cannot help but champion. North Carolina’s Next Generation Network (NCNGN) is one such project.”


Statement from FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on the North Carloina Next Generation Network – Feb. 11, 2013

Statement from FCC Chair Genachowski congratulates NCNGN on moving forward with ultra-fast broadband. “The announcement by six North Carolina communities and four research universities move us forward, and I congratulate them on their important efforts.”


Statement of Blair Levin, Executive Director of Gig.U

Statement of Blair Levin, Executive Director of Gig.U

Today, six North Carolina communities, joining with four research universities, have issued a Request for Proposals to build the “North Carolina Next Generation Network” (NC NGN). The initiative is designed to support educational and economic development by accelerating the deployment of ultra high-speed internet access.

On behalf of all the members of Gig.U, I want to congratulate our colleagues for their outstanding efforts. As a number of high profile thought leaders have recently noted, the United States needs to step up our efforts in the global bandwidth race. FCC Chairman Genachowski has challenged communities across the country to take steps to catalyze an upgrade to world-leading networks, a challenge we welcome. As we’ve seen with Gig.U and elsewhere, communities are willing partners in these endeavors, working to create favorable environments for potential investments.

The NC NGN is the first regional effort to grow out of the Gig.U initiative. It builds on lessons learned from Gig.U and other related projects, offering potential providers both access to inputs that help lower deployment costs and the scale necessary for economic success. It is an open process, offering incumbents, new entrants, and creative partnerships an opportunity to bring world-leading networks to an area known for its world-leading research capabilities. We hope that just as these communities have stepped up to meet the Chairman’s challenge, now the providers will also step up to the challenge and work with these communities to provide our country a strategic bandwidth advantage.

NC NGN has the potential to be a tremendous engine for the North Carolina economy in the 21st Century, just as the Research Triangle Park was for the latter half of the 20th Century. This effort is a testament to the tremendous vision, leadership skills, and hard work of so many in the communities and universities in the region.


Short article in the Triangle Business Journal about Blair Levin’s visit, posted February 1, 2013


“For a while, Gig.U President Blair Levin sounded like a technology preacher. “If you stay still, you actually will fall behind,”  he said, referring to the need and demand for more bandwidth in every community.”