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Responses for Next Generation Network surprise, please Triangle backers (WRAL Techwire) – April 5, 2013

Article on submissions to RFP that were due April 1. “The review of responses has just begun, but the backers seeking to create a Google Fiber-like high-speed network across the Triangle and parts of the Triad are certainly pleased with what they have seen so far.”


Group considering proposals for ultra high-speed internet (The Herald Sun) – April 3, 2013

News story on the proposal submissions to NCNGN due April 1. “A group of Triangle communities and universities that want to see a private company build out ultra-high speed Internet infrastructure here has received responses from eight potential providers of the technology.”


Cary eyes ultra-fast Internet plan (N&O) – Feb. 14, 2013

N&O posted a story about Cary approving joining the NCNGN RFP.  “The Cary Town Council will consider Thursday whether to join in a quest to build an ultra-fast Internet network 10 to 100 times as fast as typical residential and business Internet service.

A “yes” vote would put Cary on board with governments and universities from Raleigh to Winston-Salem. Together, they hope to find a private partner who would build a “gigabit” network, in part by using existing fiber-optic lines, underground conduits and data centers.”


North Carolina’s Need for Speed (TheRTPblog) – Feb. 13, 2013

Erin Monda posted a great message in her blog for RTP about NCNGN. “We’re Switzerland. It’s a designation that came about from our very nature; RTP came out of a joint collaboration between universities, government and industry.

In most cases, we strive to honor our foundation by being neutral in nearly all matters of a political flavor.

But sometimes there are matters that we cannot help but champion. North Carolina’s Next Generation Network (NCNGN) is one such project.”


NC Engine roaring with ultra-high speed (Triangle Chatter) – Feb. 12, 2013

Nice article in the Triangle Chatter blog about the Research Triangle Region.  “We live in a world of acronyms and some are better than others. But you have to give credit to the minds that gave rise to the latest acronym to hit the Triangle:   NCNGN. The brilliance is in the pronunciation:  NC Engine – get it?  Whether you spell it or pronounce it, NCNGN stands for one of the newest collaborations in the region – the North Carolina Next Generation Network.”


Why Gig.U matters: Who doesn’t want faster Internet speed? (TBJ) – Feb. 4, 2013

Another post on a conversation with Blair Levin by Triangle Business Journal. “See, Gig.U, if implemented, wouldn’t just bring fast internet and businesses interested in faster Internet to the Triangle — it would bring something the miser in all of us will appreciate — cheaper bills.”


The real Gigabit Challenge is getting ISPs to think like tech firms (Gigaom) – Feb. 3, 2013

Article in Gigaom about NCNGN RFP release and discussing the need for ISP to compete for creating faster broadband.  “On Friday six cities in North Carolina issued a request for proposal for gigabit connections at a reasonable costs for businesses and residents. The cities have been talking up their efforts which would include new investment from a company, as well as the opportunity to lease the cities’ dark fiber. Just like SeattleChicago, Chattanooga and Bristol Tenn., and Kansas City, these North Carolina municipalities are taking their broadband future into their own hands.”