City of Raleigh takes open technology to the limit – January 28, 2014

Open data, open access and open source.

That’s the scope of the Open Raleigh initiative, currently under way in the City of Raleigh, N.C. The concerted effort aims to improve citizens’ ability to tap government data, sharpen city officials’ decision-making, promote open-source technology and increase high-speed Internet access.

The city council’s 2012 open government resolution provided the impetus for Open Raleigh, which is slated to expand this year. Gail Roper, Raleigh’s chief information officer, said the plan is consistent with the city’s overall push for greater transparency.

The effort got another lift recently through its collaboration with Code for America, a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that places developers with local governments through its fellowship program. “The start of our Code for America initiative here helped us to be a little bit more strategic in terms of our effort to move forward,” Roper said.