Supporting quotes from endorsement letters:

“For Wells Fargo to convince a potential employee to move here, we have to make a strong case that our market is not only a world class place to live, but is on the cutting edge of technology”, Jack Clayton, Wells Fargo Regional President
 “Sooner, rather than later, our region’s ability to compete and attract jobs will be predicated on having ultra-high-speed bandwidth as an important ingredient for modern living.”, Jeffery B. Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Duke Reality.
“Many of our employees are mobile and have a need to be at customer sites and/or non-Red Hat locations in order to perform their jobs effectively.  As such, we must continually offer a high-quality borderless in-office experience no matter where our employees reside, no matter how big or small their ‘office’ is.”, Craig K. Williams, Senior Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations, Red Hat
“Faster speeds will allow our company to better serve our internal and client service needs. Perhaps more importantly and beyond our internal interests, we believe this infrastructure improvement will have an impact on our ability to attract talent.”, Lou Jurkowski, Principle of EYP/BJAC
“Capitol Broadcasting supports the NCNGN efforts to promote ultra-high speed bandwidth in the region and expects to take advantage of the system as soon as it becomes available”, Jimmy Goodmon, Vice President and GM, Capitol Broadcasting
“The continued state-wide expansion of a next generation network is critical for the future development of RTP and the State of North Carolina.”, Bob Geolas, President & CEO, Research Triangle Foundation of NC
“In the research triangle park area, SAS employs more than 5,000 employees. Greater than 98% have internet access. Improved access to high speed internet services would create better remote access when employees need to connect from home, generate new product ideas and participate more fully in our increasingly more digital world”, Bill McKeown, Senior Director, IT Operations and Infrastructure, SAS
York Properties, Inc. anticipates both short-term and long-term benefits from a more robust broadband system.  Faster speeds will allow our company to better serve our operational and customer service needs.  Perhaps more importantly and beyond our operational interests, we believe this infrastructure improvement will have and impact on our ability to attract talent.”, George S. York Jr., President, York Properties.
“As a corporation dedicated to continue economic growth for the State of North Carolina and the Research Triangle region, we see an opportunity for great innovations with improved bandwidth, and the time to move to gigbit speed in now.”, Jesse Lipson, VP, GM of Data Sharing, Citrix Systems
“As an innovative company, Lenovo is dedicated to continued economic growth for the State of North Carolina and the Research Triangle region and we see an opportunity for great innovations with improved bandwidth.  The time to move to gigabyte-speed is now, and this infrastructure improvement will enable faster operations, customer service and ability to attract talent.”, Jason Mooneyham, Executive Director, U.S. Public Sector, Lenovo
“Being a design agency means that we are only as good as our ideas and being able to attract the right talent is the singly most important aspect of our growing business. Bringing ultra-high-speed bandwidth access to our region is a differentiator for us when recruiting talented designers to our agency., Natalie Perkins, President, Clean Design