When Will the Rest of Us Get Google Fiber? (MIT Tech Review) – Feb. 4, 2013

Good article in MIT Technology review covering status of ultra high speed bandwidth opportunities. “Other special circumstances favoring one-gigabit construction can be found around universities, which themselves have skin in the fast-Internet-access game. Universities supporting the Gig.U initiative want to make sure they stay attractive to students and researchers who might want to access data and computing resources, and competitive with other institutions around the world that have such speeds. Their efforts include a deal with a private company, Gigabit Squared, to deliver one-gigabit service in Seattle and Chicago in collaboration with local governments and universities. A similar effort is taking shape among several universities and communities in North Carolina.”

Link: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/510176/when-will-the-rest-of-us-get-google-fiber/